arts and crafts

“I do not consider myself a professional visual artist. I find joy and solace in doodling, sketching, carving , painting, crafting and building the odd piece of furniture. I see these pieces as a reflection of who I am and a personal mean of expression.” Jacques Lemay
Camargue Horses, Pencil on paperLe Cirque"Pacific Swift"Styles 1Styles 2Whimsical
Comedy and TragedyCedar chestRaven woman and childIn "Jest"A BoyThe house of the Blueberry FairySomeoneSomeone
AbstractMollyFace EmergingThe Rain PrayerA Crown of ThornsNo title
AbstractAbstractAbstractAbstractAbstract"A Loving Heart""The Man in the Moon"Abstract
Portrait studyDancer study
Leather bags 1MacraméLeather Bags 2